About Import Car Japan

How can I import a Nissan Skyline GTR from Japan to the United States? That has been the question I have been asking since I first read about the 25 year rule and realized that my dream could some day be a reality years ago.  Now that The R32 Nissan Skyline and many other JDM cars are eligible for import into the USA, there are even more questions and lots of misinformation out there. It is my goal with this site to create a resource for everyone interested in importing a car or truck from Japan to the USA. Import Car Japan aims to to answer all the purchase, export, shipping, import, registration, and insurance  questions pertaining to the entire process of getting your dream car from Japan to the United States. In addition to all the information, forms, and how to articles, I will be presenting unique and interesting JDM cars available at the Japanese auctions for import. Of course we will cover the cars you would expect to see. Cars like Skyline GTR and GTS-T will be covered as well as lesser known models.