Deciding which car you want to import from all the available choices is one of the first steps of the process. We have compiled a list of JDM cars available at auction in Japan for import to the United States under the 25 year rule as of 2016. Obviously you will find different models of the Nissan Skyline and 300ZX, Toyota Supra & MR2 Turbo, and Mazda RX7. You also might see some other models that you wouldn’t have thought of, or didn’t even know existed. This list is by no means completely comprehensive, as Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, and Subaru all have hundreds of different models and chassis. What we have tried to do is list all the cars that we think are both interesting or desirable to the enthusiast, and actually still available in Japan at auction. Unfortunately there are some pretty sweet cars that are no longer available, or extremely rare to find in exportable condition. We have not included some of these in our list. Table instructions and documentation are at the bottom of the list.

Want a BNR32 Skyline GT-R? The Nissan models section is the place for you. Have you looked at the prices yet though? If you don’t have 20K to spend, check out the GTS-T Skyline with the RB20DET. The Cefiro and Laurel are great 4 door options that have a similar chassis, engine, and transmission to the Skyline. Nissan made some other really cool models that are less know as well.

Nissan Models Eligible For US Import

SkylineGTS-TBNR321989-1994RB20DET5M 4A
SkylineGTS-4BNR321989-1994RB20DET5M 4A
SkylineGTSBNR321989-1994RB20DE5M 4A
SilviaK'sS131988-1990CA18DET5M 4A
SilviaQ'sS131988-1990CA18DE5M 4A
SilviaK'sS131991-1994SR20DET5M 4A
SilviaQ'sS131991-1994SR20DE5M 4A
180SXRS131989-1990CA18DET5M 4A
180SXType 2RPS131991-1999SR20DET5M 4A
180SXHicas Type 2KRPS131991-1999SR20DET5M 4A
CefiroTurboCA311988-1993RB20DET5M 4A
CefiroATTESA AWDNA311988-1993RB20DET5M 4A
LaurelTurbo, MedalistHC331989-1993RB20DET5M 4A
LaurelFC331989-1993CA18i5M 4A
Fairlady ZZ321989-1999VG30DE5M 4A
Fairlady Z2+2GZ321989-2000VG30DE5M 4A
Fairlady ZTurboCZ321989-2001VG30DETT5M 4A
Fairlady Z2+2 TurboGCZ321989-2002VG30DETT5M 4A
PaoPK101989-1991MA10S5M 3A

Starting in 1990, Toyota started placing the legendary 1JZ-GTE engine in everything from the MKIII Supra to multiple different 4 door cars as well. Like 4 cylinder turbo cars? The 3S-GTE engine powers the Celica GT-4 and the MR2 Turbo.

Toyota Models Eligible For US Import

Supra2.5GT TTJZA701990-19931JZ-GTE5M 4A
Supra2.0GT TT WideGA70H1986-19931G-GTE5M 4A
Supra2.0GT TTGA701986-19931G-GTE5M 4A
Supra3.0GT TurboMA701986-19937M-GTE5M 4A
Soarer2.0GT TTGZ201986-19911G-GTE5M 4A
Soarer3.0GT TurboMZ201986-19917M-GTE4A
Corolla Levin2 DoorAE861983-19874A-GEU5M
Corolla Levin3 DoorAE861983-19874A-GEU5M
Sprinter Trueno2 DoorAE861983-19874A-GEU5M
Sprinter Trueno3 DoorAE861983-19874A-GEU5M
MR2GT TurboSW201990-19993S-GTE5M
MR2GSW201990-19993S-GE5M 4A
SeraEXY101990-19965E-FHE5M 4A
Mark IIGT TTJZX811990-19921JZ-GTE4A
Mark IIGrandeJZX811990-19921JZ-GE4A
CrestaGT TTJZX811990-19921JZ-GTE4A
ChaserGT TTJZX811990-19921JZ-GTE4A
CrownRoyal Saloon GUZS1311989-19911UZ-FE4A
CrownRoyal SaloonMS1351989-19917M-GE4A
Celica4WD GT-4ST1651986-19893S-GTE5M
Celica4WD GT-4 RCST1851989-19933S-GTE5M
Celica4WD GT-4ST1851989-19933S-GTE5M

Honda is possibly the most well known company that didn’t import some of their best models and variants to the United States. Honda seemingly put the B16A engine into an SI version of all of their Civics and early Integra models.

Honda Models Eligible For US Import

BeatKeiPP11991-1996E07A 660cc5M
Civic CRXSiR2EF91989-1991B16A15M
Civic CRXSiREF81989-1991B16A15M
Civic CRXSiEF71989-1991B16A15M
Civic25X HatchEF21988-1991D15B25M 4A
Civic35X SedanEF21988-1991D15B25M 4A
Civic3D HatchEG61991-1995B16A25M
CivicSiR2 3D HatchEG61991-1995B16A25M
CivicSiR2 3D HatchEF91991-1995B16A25M
NSXNA11990-1997C30A5M 4A
Today3D XTIJA11985-1993E07A 660cc5M

Mazda didn’t hold back as much as some other manufacturers, but a lot of the best models are easy to find and came with better specs in Japan. You can import a Japan spec FC3S RX7 right now with more power than the US version, or just get a great condition Miata (Eunos roadster) with really low miles.

Mazda Models Eligible For US Import

Eunos Cosmo20B EEJCESE1990-199620B-REW4A
Eunos Cosmo13BJC3SE1990-199613B-RE4A
Eunos RoadsterS PackageNA6CE1989-1998B6ZE5M 4A
Eunos RoadsterV SpecialNA6CE1989-1998B6ZE5M 4A
Eunos RoadsterBaseNA6CE1989-1998B6ZE5M 4A
Savanna RX7S5 BaseFC3S1989-199213B-T5M 4A
Savanna RX7S5 GT-XFC3S1989-199213B-T5M 4A
Savanna RX7S5 GT-RFC3S1989-199213B-T5M 4A
Savanna RX7S5 EfiniFC3S1989-199213B-T5M 4A
Savanna RX7S5 CabrioFC3S1989-199213B-T5M 4A

Right Now we are a little far out from the heyday of Mitsubishi’s most loved cars. But right now you can import a Galant VR-4 with the awesome 4G63 engine and AWD or the GTO twin turbo VR-4 for great prices.

Mitsubishi Models Eligible For US Import

GalantVR-4 4WDE39A1991-19964G635M
StarionTB GSR-VRA187A1982-19894G545M
GTOTT VR-4 4WDZ16A1990-19936G725M 4A
GTOBase NAZ16A1990-19936G725M 4A

To make it easier for you to find cars that you are interested in importing, we have separated the individual charts by manufacturer. Within a specific manufacturer table, you will find the model, type, chassis code, model years, engine, and available transmissions. An example of this in the Nissan table would be Skyline, GT-R, BNR32, RB26DETT, 1989-1994, 5M. You can click the arrows at the top of the list to organize the table by any variable you are looking for. As an example if you are looking for a Nissan with an RB20DET engine, you can click on the engine tab to organize by the engine available with the car to quickly find all Nissans in the table that are available with an RB20DET.

It is also important to note that the cars are listed by model year, and that doesn’t necessarily indicate the month of production. We have the various chassis listed through the last model year of production. Remember that the car needs to be 25 years old to month to be eligible for import. If you are going to import any car, it is always important to check with your auction agent, exporter, or broker to ensure the cars registration or manufacturing date makes it eligible for US import. This list is always going to be a work in progress as every year new models will become available. If you think we have missed a model or drive train that should be on the list, send us an email to let us know!