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If your tired of thinking about the car you want to import from Japan and are ready to make it yours, then follow our how to guide. Lets get started today with what you need to do.

Why Import a car from Japan to the United States?

Well there are a lot of great reasons. I have some of the main reasons listed here in Why Import A Car From Japan? If you already know exactly why you want to import a car from Japan, then let’s get to what you need to know. Then we will go over the actionable steps of how to get that Skyline GTR, Supra, Kei car, or other JDM goodness from Japan to your favorite road with you at the wheel.

First things first, is the car you want at least 25 years old?

Here is the short version:  To be federally legal to import into the United States the car you buy needs to be 25 years old. There are some specifics you need to read about The 25 Year Rule. There are a few ways to get around this, but for all intents and purposes this is the way for the average person such as yourself can import a car from Japan. Not average? Why haven’t you figured this out already then?

Is the car in Original Configuration?

A lot of people are aware of the 25 year rule, less know about the EPA rule that the car you want to import has to be in original configuration. This is quite possibly one of the most important rules about importing a car! Know all of the facts before you buy a car in Japan. Read all the specifics in the article to keep from risking you hard earned money in The EPA 21 Year Rule / Exemption.

How much does it cost to import a car from Japan?

Do you have the money to import a car from Japan to the USA? Are you sure? For most of us, you can plan on at least 3,000 USD of costs over the price of the car at auction. If you are an accountant and have an excel spreadsheet that pulls in macros and know the exact costs based on 100 different variables, then go ahead. For everyone else, we built a pretty awesome Import Cost Calculator

Our calculator creates an estimate of the total cost of buying your car at auction with a typical exporter fee structure, export, shipping to the port you choose,  and calculates all the taxes and fees as well. We built in an automatic exchange rate so you get up to date Yen to dollar rates. Many fields that may vary with your situation can be changed or updated as well so you can get the most accurate estimate possible. Check it out to see how much your car is going to cost landed at your port ready for you to pick up!