Use the import cost calculator to determine the total costs to buy a car at auction in Japan and import the car to the United States.

Our calculator creates an estimate of the total cost of buying your car at auction with a typical exporter fee structure, export, shipping to the port you choose,  and calculates all the taxes and fees as well. We built in an automatic exchange rate so you get up to date Yen to dollar rates. Many fields that may vary with your situation can be changed or updated as well so you can get the most accurate estimate possible. Check it out to see how much your car is going to cost landed at your port ready for you to pick up!

Car Cost Car Cost at Auction
Exporter Fee Exporter Fee
Commercial Base Value Commercial Base value or Fee on board
RORO Shipping RORO Fee
Funds Transfer Fee Wire Transfer Rate Fee
Customs Broker Fee Customs Broker Fee
Customs Duty Import Duty
Harbor Maintanace Fee (HMF) Import Duty 2
Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) Import Duty 3
Handling Fee WWL Fee
US Transport Fee Transport from Port to You